For adult readers, Roberta’s short story “Bodyguard of Lies” was published in Malice Domestic Anthology #18, Mystery Most Devious, available at Wildside Press, April 26, 2024.

A “Best Children’s Book of 2022”!

How to Build an Insect

Calling all curious young scientists, artists and makers! Come into the workshop and find out How to Build an Insect. While you are inside, discover different insect body parts —from head to cerci — and how they go together. At the same time, explore how human body structures compare to those of insects through playful illustrations. The workshop in the book has so much to offer, once you come through the doors, you might not want to leave. Once you do, however, crank up your creativity and build your own insect model!

How to Build an Insect from Millbrook Press is available at Lerner, Changing Hands Bookstore (local Indie), Bookshop.org, and Amazon.