Roberta Gibson

Trained as a scientist, Roberta Gibson now has a serious blogging addiction. She hopes writing novels, short stories, and children’s nonfiction will help her kick the habit. Until then, check out her blogs below.

Selected Publications:

2018 Sharp Memories. Hippocampus Magazine. December issue.

1996 Africanized Honey Bees On the Move: Lesson Plans by Roberta Gibson and Janet Mitchell. Cooperative Extension, College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona  ASIN: B0006QOU7M

Magazine publications for children and adults working with children:
• 2008. It Grows on Trees. Kid Zone. Volume 8, Issue 2. pp. 19-22.
• 2000-2002. Was a regular science columnist for Home Education Learning Magazine (HELM). See a list of articles.



Roberta enjoys reading, gardening, and nature photography.