Roberta Gibson is a writer, blogger, scientist, and teacher.


Magazine publications for children and adults working with children:

2008. It Grows on Trees. Kid Zone. Volume 8, Issue 2. pp. 19-22.

2000-2002. Was a regular science columnist for Home Education Learning Magazine (HELM):

July/August 2002. Investigating Thermometers and Temperature. Volume 3, Issue 3. p. 14-15.

May/June 2002. Fish Activities. Volume 3, Issue 2. p. 15.

March/April 2002. Ant Farm Questions. Volume 3, Issue 1. p. 11.

January/February 2002. Food Science 101. Volume 2, Issue 6. pp. 15-16.
Kitchen Science Activities. p. 17.

November/December 2001. Keeping a Laboratory Notebook. Volume 2, Issue 5. pp. 15-16.

September/October 2001. The Litmus Test. Volume 2, Issue 4. p. 15.
The Multipurpose Mealworm. pp. 16-17.

July/August 2001. Exploring Space Without A Space Suit. Volume 2, Issue 3. p. 16.

May/June 2001. Bring Some Wild Into Your Family’s Life. Volume 2, Issue 2. pp. 16-17.

March/April 2001. Fantastic Ants. Volume 2, Issue 1. pp. 16-19.

January/February 2001. The Relationship of Math and Science. Volume 1, Issue 6. p. 14.

November/December 2000. The Nature of Science. Volume 1, Issue 5. p. 14.

September/October 2000. Starting a Science Club. Volume 1, Issue 4. p. 14.
Bubble Chemistry and Physics. p. 15.

July/August 2000. Science of Earthworms. Volume 1, Issue 3. p. 15.

May/June 2000. Finding a Science Mentor. Volume 1, Issue 2. p. 16.
Science Activities in the Garden. p. 17.

March/April 2000. Making an Insect Collection. Volume 1, Issue 1. p. 15.


Roberta Gibson is also an inveterate blogger. In addition to It’s a Mystery blog, she also writes about

For hobbies, she enjoys reading, gardening, and nature photography.


Scientist and Teacher:

She earned a BS in Forest Biology from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a Master’s degree in Entomology from Cornell University. After serving as a biology instructor at various community colleges, she took a research specialist position with the University of Arizona. She worked closely with the Cooperative Extension Master Gardener program teaching gardening and entomology, and became a Master Gardener herself.


During those years she wrote and published scientific papers, manuals, newsletters, press releases, and she developed a set of lesson plans about honey bees for the University of Arizona.

Selected Scientific Publications:

Review Policy:

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